I have never thought that I will teach SPM students in my first year of serving as a teacher. On top of it, I was assigned to teach the group in late June. Sigh, a challenge that will test everything that I have gained from 6 years of learning TESL. 

Is it easy? Only God knows how does it feel...
The fact that I'm teaching form 5 and the fact that some of them are not motivated to score well in the subject. 

Still, I am praying hard that my students are able to absorb everything that I share in the class. I hope that they will be eased to recall every format of guided writing. I hope that they will flash back everytime I raise my voice to emphasize certain words and technique of writing. Ultimately, I hope that each of them will pass the subject with flying colours. Amin

The picture is not my SPM kids but they are my PMR students. Just upgraded to IOS7 so all previous pictures are gone :(

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