Welcome 2015? Just looking at the date of this post is enough to know that we will be entering 2016 very soon. In fact, there's nothing updated in this blog over the past 2 years, wow was I too occupied with life and work ? Naahh..not really. I sometimes had the urge to blog ( you see, my mind is the type that writes out an essay if I have serious matters to think about) but laptop isn't my best buddy anymore. I know how modern the world is today because I don't need to rely on laptop to blog. All I need is a tablet or smartphone but too bad both will never satisfy my fast-typing desire and the limited features in blogging using these gadgets just turn off all the urge I had.

So enough rambling about my long absence. I just want to share that I finally gain the courage to apply transfer to another district. Not saying that I did not have the courage before, but to adapt and start again in a new place is a pain in the tutt. However, I start to think about my parents and the fact that it will be tremendously good for me to reset my mind and motivation at a new place. Staying too long at the same place will lead to demotivation and my passion in this noble job is definitely deteriorating due to distance, work politics and unwanted soap operas at work. I do love the kid, they are annoying but that is how I find them entertaining.

These are 2014's pictures.  
Having smartphone is not making me smart because I literally had to
ransack all photo folders with mixed events and people just to look for
appropriate pictures. 

Now I feel tired of typing already. Have to stop now and perhaps I'll get to write another post for this year wuu. See ya !