The title is a direct translation of Hati Budi.
Salam readers :)

It's been a while but lotsa things had happened. 
No. 1: Teacher works like a robot nowadays.
No.2: When you think you know someone but apparently you are dumbfounded to find another side of the person that you don't know

Still, I truly believe that each and everything that happened serve as a reminder to me. Apa yang ada di dunia ini semua sementara. Harta, pangkat dan kawan, semuanya sementara. No matter how hard I work but if my intention to seek for penghargaan manusia, memang kecewa lah jawabnya. Therefore, I come to make sense that setiap yang dilakukan mesti berniatkan untuk mencari keredhaan Allah. If I can do that, Insyallah tidaklah rasa kecewa di penghujung nanti.

Kawan, apa erti kawan?
Semua orang boleh jadi kawan tapi bukan semua tahu erti kawan sejati.
Recently, Allah has guided me to discover hati budi seseorang yang bernama kawan.
Alhamdulillah, Allah has sent me a clear message that this person only seeks for me in times of need.
Tapi Islam tidak ajar kita berdendam dan membalas.
Islam ajar kita menunjuk contoh yang baik.
Jadi aku maafkan walaupun sukar untuk dilupakan.
Returning to old days is no longer an option.
I will be firm so that I wont be hurt.
Allah sayang jadi Allah tunjuk.
Aku sayang diri sebab bersyukur kepada Allah.
Jadi aku akan tetap dengan pendirian.
Will never be too nice again.
I want to mingle more with those who remind me about Allah.


Finally, a day off truly for a good rest insyallah.
Hopefully, I get to recharge to full bar for PMR and SPM war.
May our deed be accepted by Allah.

Anyway, loving the new ios7


It has been a tiring week but for some reasons, I always get to be energetic in class Alhamdulillah. Next week is PMR and I am nervous for my kids! 
Im gonna try to arrange a few extra classes prior English paper. 
Hope it will help them to answer better.

This is my form 1 class. Aren't they cute? Sleeping after 20 minutes answering PJK paper lol


I have never thought that I will teach SPM students in my first year of serving as a teacher. On top of it, I was assigned to teach the group in late June. Sigh, a challenge that will test everything that I have gained from 6 years of learning TESL. 

Is it easy? Only God knows how does it feel...
The fact that I'm teaching form 5 and the fact that some of them are not motivated to score well in the subject. 

Still, I am praying hard that my students are able to absorb everything that I share in the class. I hope that they will be eased to recall every format of guided writing. I hope that they will flash back everytime I raise my voice to emphasize certain words and technique of writing. Ultimately, I hope that each of them will pass the subject with flying colours. Amin

The picture is not my SPM kids but they are my PMR students. Just upgraded to IOS7 so all previous pictures are gone :(

Assalamualaikum and hello readers!

It has been ages since the last post, I think I have been repeating the same sentence to start my entries. Anyway, the reason why I finally can write an entry is the Blogger app that I just discovered in App Store. So, I'm basically typing from my ipad mini, hooray!

Sigh...the responsibility is just getting more and more these days. It's no longer teaching and marking students' works and exam papers but teachers nowadays have to shoulder most of admin jobs. For instance, making sure students' attendance are well recorded in the attendance book record as well as to write up the number of absentees on the notice board repeat the same process again in the online system. But this is just a tiny part of what a teacher has to do in everyday school. 

Needless to say, we are basically the teacher who teaches in classroom, a coach at school field, art director to design the backdrop and stage for most of the events carried out in school hall, a police officer who chases around the crime making students, a baker to prepare any sort of cuisine as requested by the principal ( Had to bake an extremely giant bahulu cake that mimicks our national flag, Jalur Gemilang ) and the list goes on...

Glad to share this out. If you know a teacher, say 'thank you' to him or her. The sacrifice made by a teacher is unable to be described with mere words. 

Thank you to all my teachers!!!


25th February, 2013 - 11.40 p.m.

Assalamualaikum and hi again.

These days workload is getting more and more. Too much work to be done in too little time. Due to heavy workloads, my emotional state is totally unstable. But this is me, a human being after all.

Many think that being a teacher is such as an easy job. The common saying is 'all a teacher does is to go into the class; to teach and mark the books'. Perhaps you would want to walk in our shoes before saying it again.

Today, school starts as usual which is the weekly Monday assembly. We had it done in the school hall due to prize-giving ceremony for recent MSSD (district level sport competition). I quietly sneaked into the back row so that I could spend the time during assembly to mark my form two essays. Done with the essays, I was in the clouds for a moment, flashing back at the preparation I wrote in the lesson plan for the class that I was about to attend after the assembly. Suddenly, all the lady teachers looked at me. Only then I realized that my name was called to accompany the principal for the next trophy-giveaway ceremony. This is how occupied teachers are; every single second is spent to do school chores and to think what to is next.

After the assembly had finished, I quickly went to the teachers' office and took the things I needed for the first class of the day. It was a two periods lesson, 40 minutes a period hence making it 80 minutes altogether. Done with the first class, I walked again to the next class for another one period lesson. You see my friend, we teachers don't just sit and relaxed in the office.

The first half session done when the clock showed that it was already 9.40 a.m. Fortunately, my next class was at 11.30 a.m. So during the 1 hour 50 minutes, you might have thought I would be able to take a rest and grab some food before the next class. Sadly, I spent the entire 1 hour and 50 minutes to rearrange my messy table filled with students' books, my bags and files and other miscellaneous things. At last, my table looks like a place that fits for a teacher to sit. Then, I started to open up the big file I bought to fill it in with at least 150 sheets of students' forms for PBS. So when I was done with the forms, only then I saw my watch and it was already 10 minutes passed 11 a.m. With 20 minutes left, I could have rushed to the canteen to grab some food but I chose to flash through the lesson for the next class. Why? It was a class that I had to attend for three consecutive periods, 2 hours. I could have just given 'anything' to the students as long as I filled in the 2 hours. But still, 'anything' must be a worthy sharing session because I teach with conscience and sense of responsibility.   

P/s: This is an entry that I have kept for months, it is only now I have the time to upload it. Anyway, new English teachers have joined the school so am a lil bit free now but still busy! Can't wait for school holidays wee


Assalamualaikum and hi everyone :)

It has been a very long time since I posted the last entry. For those who never read my blog, I have been an active blogger since years ago. I even had joined Nuffnang's first biggest gathering for blogger. But what has been left in this blog is just a mere one post that I posted in 2011. Shame on me.

Well, I decided to blog again because I know that I would have come to this decision, which is why I kept this blog alive. Now that am back, I hope my desire to blog will grow stronger because I am now back as a teacher-blogger :)

A little bit introduction about myself. I am a TESL teacher teaching in an interior place somewhere in Sabah, and the place that I'm talking about has a very unique name; Sipitang. If you have been to Sabah, Sipitang is a district that takes 2 hours and 30 minutes drive from Kota Kinabaly City.

I have lotsa lotsa lotsa things to share but am gonna keep it for the next entries. Till then, I hope my readers will come back here and read bout what I'm about to share and I also hope new readers will follow me too

Some pictures to show you one of the tourist attraction in Sipitang - Esplanade Sipitang. 

 Image cre: Sunduvan

Image cre: raaisma

Disclaimer: The pictures above are not mine, all credits go to the owner :)