Assalamualaikum and Hi :)

I am writing this especially for my form 5 students. They are my lovely 5 Mutiara Sains students. I have assigned them to write daily journal throughout this one week holiday which they were reluctant to do at first. Well, since they are aware how awful their writing skill is, they have no choice but to do my task as writing practice :D

So here to my 5 Mutiara Sains students,

I have known you for four years. My first year of teaching at SMPO2 was with you. You may not know this but I have treasured you as one the groups that I started with in teaching service. Nothing will excite me more than being able to teach you again in your final year of school. To cherish our four years of companionship (I do think of you as my little companions ), let me share my two cents on how to spend your final year:

#1 Avoid being in love. Don't bother be in a relationship if you can't even manage yourself on your own. Love can wait but your final year at school will just vanish in a blink of an eye if you decide to be blinded by only love until you forget to cherish friends around you!

#2 Stop making enemy. Your final year should be filled with friends and good memories. You can't make good memories if you choose to sulk over petty things. Be forgiving and learn to accept that everyone entitles to their own opinion.

#3 Share and be generous to your friends. If you have some candies, share one with a friend who sits next to you. Don't just share to your best friends but share it with a friend that you seldom talk to. Even better, share knowledge with them. I dare you to find an opportunity to teach your friend something that they are weak at. Choose your friends randomly, don't just pick your bestie. For instance, if you know you're good in Maths then you go to a friend that needs help and share with her on how you get the solution. Knowledge will be glued into our brain and soul if we apply it, which is by sharing the knowledge with other people.

I'm pretty confident that if you can follow the above, you are then off to a good start in crafting a beautiful memory lane of your final year at school.

P/s: No emoticon in your SPM writing and avoid informal words like bestie too :P

With love,
Miss M.

Aren't they adorable? Perhaps they are if your eyes are closed :D