It's my fifth year here in Sipitang. Things are getting monotonous and my job has become a routine that perhaps lose its spark. I guess a change of environment is what I need to reignite my passion in this profession again. I am not sure transferring to another workplace is the answer to my solemn movitation because a new workplace within the same education system isn't going to change the routine I am going through now.

Honestly, I am considering to get a Master, not local but overseas. But with the economy of our country at this moment, I am pretty sure it isn't easy to get a full scholarship in Master.

I need a long holiday. A holiday that hopefully will spark my passion in teaching again. I need to be away from getting worried about things that are not related to me. I want to rekindle my journey as a muslim so that I won't get carried away with mere worldly matters.  

May Allah ease. Amin ya rabb
Salam israk & mikraj

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